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Well, given the unexpected bye week, let’s start off by rehashing last week in a little more detail.

How last week’s PREDICTIONS fared:

Colt will have 200+ yds passing and 75+ yds rushing…dang it!

* 282 yds passing only 8 yds rushing…yes!

Colt will connect with Quan or Malcolm Williams on a 40+ yard pass

* Quan: 39 yd TD pass

John Chiles will have a rushing score and will be full-time QB by the end of the 3rd quarter

* Uh…no and no. 2 rushes, 5 yards. What a colossal waste of difference-maker talent.

John Chiles will have 30+ yds rushing, he will complete 3 passes and catch 2

* No, no, NO!!!!

We will have 3 RB’s with at least 50 yds rushing

* Nope…Fozzy 76, Vondrell 20, Cody 19 + 1 TD, Ogbonnaya 35 receiving…I like it.

Blaine Irby will indeed catch a ball and run afterwards

* Yessir, 23 yds for a TD…all standing up

We will see the Jordan Shipley reverse

* Nope

LOTS of the young WR’s will see the field

* Uh huh…Buckner, Collins, Williams & (TE) Irby accounted for 63 yds + 2 TD’s

Sergio Kindle will BLOW UP Trevor Vittatoe, UTEP QB, at least once

* Shared a sack with Orakpo

Brian Orakpo will BLOW UP Trevor Vittatoe, UTEP QB, at least once

* Shared a sack with Sergio + one solo

Trevor Vittatoe will get up very slowly 10+ times

* 2 sacks (-17 yds), 19 QB hurries

Earl Thomas or Blake Gideon will cause a UTEP receiver to lose his hat

* No, but as the #3 & #2 tacklers respectively (6 & 7 tackles)…they rattled some teeth.


* Baylor 21 – Northwestern State 14

* WHOA!! Baylor 51 – Northwestern State 6

* Baylor QB Robert Griffin had 3 TD passes + 1 rushing TD

* New Mexico 17 – The aggy 14

* Lobos 22 – Homers 28

* QB Stephen McGee knocked out of the game in the 1st quarter with a shoulder injury…did not return

* TB Mike Goodson helped to the locker room in 2nd quarter with a knee injury…he returned and finished the game

Plain Jane… That’s the best way to describe the first two games. No makeup, no lipstick (sorry, it’s election time), nothing fancy. It’s frustrating to watch, but I believe the coaches are giving those young dudes some “soak time”, before they hit the spin cycle in October.

That young defense is exciting to watch. We are finally getting some pressure on the QB!!! And the linemen and LB’s are making the tackles as opposed to totally relying on the secondary…24 out of 38 solo tackles were credited to the D-line or LB’s. Rodderick Muckleroy had 6 of them himself along with 8 assists + a 26 yd fumble recovery for a TD. God Bless Will Muschamp (again). Rak, Roy and Eddie Jones combined for 5 tackles-for-loss for at total of (-35) yds.  If you remember my “Recipe to go 12-0”, one key ingredient was for the defensive front to give the young secondary a chance to grow up…it’s working. Blake Gideon was credited with 7 tackles and was all over the field.

I had the chance this week to attend a luncheon where Duane Akina spoke to a crowd of ~200 folks and answered a few questions. Nearly all the questions were about the young guys in the secondary and how they were doing right now. Of course, he said he was pleased and they are progressing. He said he feels like he has a half-dozen starters for 4 positions and he orchestrates how many snaps each will get. I couldn’t resist…I poked my hand up and said, “Coach, I think you are doing an awesome job of managing the youth in the secondary. Now, flash forward 2 years from now. Nearly all your current starters will be Juniors and you will have some excellent new talent that may challenge them. How will THAT group compare to any secondary you have seen in your career and compare them specifically to the 2005 Championship bunch.” After a brief pause, he said, “Great question. You know, I coached the ‘Desert Swarm’ at Arizona and thinking back to the Jammer’s, Huff’s, Griffin’s and Ross’ we’ve had a chance to coach…in a couple years, these guys we have today could be the best secondary to come though here.” He said, “For instance, when I first saw film of Blake Gideon I knew I had to go see this kid play. I went to one of his games and it was…see Blake catch the ball… see Blake run the ball… see Blake deep snap… see Blake throw the ball… see Blake make the tackle. He was everywhere. We have a lot of those types of athletes in the secondary.” Boy, that was cool. Those guys will undoubtedly get scorched at the most inopportune time (see Oklahoma & Missouri games), but IN TIME I think they will be really, really good. For now, the defense gave up 412 yds (145 rushing, 267 passing) to UTEP and that has to get fixed before conference play begins.

I thought the offense was methodical and boring, but effective. There is no doubt that Quan is our X-factor. He will have to show up big time for us to get by OU, Mizzou, TTU, Kansas. In case you missed it, he had 8 catches for 154 yds + 74 yd missed FG return. Colt had 4 TD passes to 4 different WR’s (Buckner, Shipley, Cosby, Irby) which gave him 58 TD passes for his career, tying Chris Simms for second place on the all-time Longhorn list. Major holds the record with 60. Expect to see Brandon Collins more involved in this mix in the future. We had ZERO offensive penalties…maturity is good. I still don’t totally trust the running game but the running-back-by-committee is great! Each guy brings something slightly different and opposing defensive coordinators have to prepare their teams for that each week. One thing they do NOT have to prepare for much is our “Q formation”. “Q” in this case apparently stands for “quandary”, because I for one am confused. Did John Chiles come to the University of Texas to take a half-dozen snaps per year? I don’t think so. To me, the Arkansas game with be the indicator that tells us if the coaching staff is serious about this alignment. By then, they will want to expose this big secret enough so that they can test it against a viable team and force Colorado, OU, etc. to prepare for it. There must be much more to the “Q”…at least we hope so.

FEARLESS PREDICTIONS (bye week version):

* It’s gonna rain in Austin Saturday…but not much. I’ll go with less than 2 inches.
* College Station faces a hurricane two weeks in a row. The second one will do more damage…and we’ll all get to watch the storm surge on ABC. (Miami visits the Cover-all Cavalry for either a 2:30pm or 7:00pm kickoff on Sept 20th…be sure to watch)
* Ohio State gets embarrassed in So Cal and drops out of the Top 10
* Florida will struggle with unranked Tennessee and will win, but will drop below Mizzouri, because…
* Missouri will slap ~60 pts on Nevada
* #10 Wisconsin loses to #21 Fresno State…you heard it here first


* Be sure to keep an eye on #13 KU vs #19 South Fla…this could be a shoot out.
* For grins…approach your favorite aggy today and ask, “How about that Jerrod Johnson?” You’ll get phrases like “savior”, “amazing”, “All-American”…it’s big fun.

Aggie Hurricane Preparedness:

And hey aggy’s…don’t forget to fill up!!

Hook ‘Em,


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