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Oh, the Hater-aid will be flowing in Austin tomorrow!  With Rice and
Arkansas back to back, I’m having flashbacks of the old Southwest
Conference.  Speaking of Rice and Arkansas back to back, I think I like
this revised order in which we play them better this way…the reason

(Ike) is horrible, but the results for the Horn’s could make adifference.

Although, it did give Piggie U a chance to better learn their new schemes from first year coach Bobby Petrino. With Rice slapping 301 yds passing on us…we needed that stair-step change for our young defensive backfield.  Did I just say “Rice” and “301 yds passing” in the same sentence!?!?

Granted, the Clement to
Dillard connection will be good enough to cause significant angst among
their Conference USA brethren.  These guys have put up 129 points in
their first 4 games and they are only 2-2.  Jarett Dillard is really
good.  He had 9 catches for 158 yds and a TD.  Keep an eye on him this
season.  However, THIS IS RICE!!  301 yds of anything is too much and
very concerning.  Granted, Rice was only able to rush for a net 17 yds.
All in all, the defense turned in a respectable game with 13 quarterback
hurries, 11 tackles-for-loss, 7 sacks…that is a lot of harassment from
the front guys.

Rice got in the red zone twice in the first half and only made it out
with a field goal.  How about the 11 stops inside the 10 yard line?  I
haven’t heard yet if that is an NCAA record, but may I say, “Wow”.  I
believe 10 of the 11 were from within the 5 yd line.  Rice or not…that
was a prideful, maturing moment for our defense.

Offensively, I am still very nervous about our running game.  I love the
running back-by-committee approach, but Colt cannot be the committee
chairman!  I agree with Cedric Golden’s article in the Statesman this
morning…run him like crazy if he is the answer, but that comes with
tremendous risk.  A risk that makes me extremely nervous since the sight
of a QB bopping across the middle is any defenders dream.  I think I
will call Colt this afternoon to see if I can give him some “sliding”
lessons.  Scary.  Cody Johnson really looked good (15 for 67 yds) and I
think we will see a heavy dose of him this weekend.  Colt & Chiles both
lead the rushing stats with 87 yds.  Have I mentioned yet that we are
wasting John Chiles’ talent?  By now, he should have taken command of
the offense often enough that he is a much more viable replacement and
individual threat.  FEARLESS PREDICTION: Chiles will be ineffective the
rest of the year (except for mop up duty vs. Baylor, aTm) and we will
begin to hear those frustrations expressed…I PRAY I am wrong.  I
actually believe Vondrell is the guy who will rise to the top by the end
of the season.

Losing TE Blaine Irby is a big blow.  It will be interesting to see how
that “replacement” plays out in the coming weeks.

How last week’s PREDICTIONS fared:

*    The Mob will do a parody of the Presidential election at
halftime (that was easy)

*         NO MOB!!  What a huge disappointment.  I assume they were
still scattered due to Ike.  Bummer.

*    Fozzy breaks one for 30+ yds

*         Fozzy?  Fooozzzy?

*    Vondrell breaks one for 20+ yds

*         Vodreeeeelll?  Are you and Fozzy playing hide-and-go-seek

*    Colt will throw 3 TD passes to surpass Major Applewhite as
all-time touchdown pass leader with 61 in his career…he’s only a
Junior folks.

*         Yep.  19 of 23 for 329 yds, no interceptions, FOUR TDS, with a
60 yd flea-flicker to Jordan Shipley…he’s your offense folks.

*    The secondary will get burned a couple times deep, but will
stiffen in the red zone and avoid the score

*         A couple?!?  Chase Clement was 25 of 37 for 254 yds, no
interceptions with a longest pass of 48 yds.  BUT, that 11 play goal
line stand was a wonderful indication of what they are capable of.  300
total yds passing and only 10 points surrendered…that is the
definition of bend-don’t-break.

*    Blake Gideon gets his first INT as a Longhorn

*         Nope, but with 4 tackles and a QB hurry…it’s coming.

*    We’ll have 2 returns (punt or KO) for 40+ yds

*         Close.  Quan had a KO return for 30, but had a 40+ yarder
negated by a penalty.  We need him big time this week.

*    Quan will have 75+ yds receiving + a TD

*         Bingo.  7 catches for 90 yds and a TD, longest catch was 35

*    Kheeston Randall will register his first sack as a Longhorn

*         Nope, but he did register a tackle.  Keep an eye on #91.

*    We will have 3 sacks total

*         7 !!!

*    We will not surrender a sack

*         2

*    6 wide receivers will have catches

*         Yep.  Quan, Shipley, Kirkendall, Irby (TE), Collins,
Williams…throw in Ogbonnaya and that’s 7.

*    We will block a punt or PAT

*         Nope.  They went for it 6 times on 4th down!!  Only converted

*    Miami 42 – Farmers 17

*         Close.  41-23  Ike.

*    Baylor 38 – Connecticut 17

*         Heartbreaker.  38-21  Malamutes.

*    Kansas will put 50+ on Sam Houston State

*         Nope.  38-14  Bluejays.

*    Missouri will put 60+ on Buffalo

*         Nope.  42-21  El Tigre.

*    Tech will put 70+ on UMass

*         Nope.  56-14  Pirates.

TEXAS 45 – Fried Rice 10

o        Oh so close for a while…52-10 Horns.

This week:

We’ve had to wait since 2004 for the Piglets to come to town again.  It
was a bit of a scare last time, but I don’t expect that this year.
Those Swine have struggled so far.  They are 2-1 with a couple of come
from behind wins against Western Illinois (28-24) and Louisiana Monroe
(28-27). The Pork Bellies got mashed by Bama last week 49-14, granted
Bama had two defensive touchdowns, but that’s still a mashing.  I
suspect they used their off week to prepare a bit too much for Texas and
should have paid more attention to The Tide.  They are young and with a
new staff and new schemes, I expect the atmosphere to be a bit much for
them.  The Pork Chops’ defensive schemes are very similar to Rice, so I
would expect the same offensive game plan from the Horns.

Funny (true) story…a couple weeks ago, my cell phone rings and it’s my
wife.  She says, “Scott, James Street just called the house.”  I laughed
and said, “James Street…maybe, but not THE James Street.”  She said,
“Oh yeah, THE James Street.  He wants you to call him back.”  Surely
this couldn’t be…

So, I called the number she gave me and a polite gentleman answered,
“James Street Foundation, how may I direct your call?”

I tell him, “This is Scott Palmer returning James’ call.”

“Oh, yessir, let me connect you Mr. Palmer.”

Surely this couldn’t be…

The next thing I hear is, “SCOTTIEEEEEE!!  How the heck are you,

At this point, I am firmly in the Twilight Zone…it’s THE James Street.

He says, “Hey man, you comin’ to the reunion!?!”…meaning the reunion
for the Texas team that beat Arkansas with “The Play” and went on to win
the National Championship.

At this point, I realize I am about to disappoint The Legend.

I tell him, “James, you won’t believe this, but…you have the wrong
Scott Palmer.”

“Awwww, heck!  You serious?!  You ain’t the Scottie Palmer from the ’69
Championship team?”

“No sir, I’m not, but you do know me.  We played a round of golf
together a year or so ago at a benefit…” and before I could finish my
sentence, he says…

“DAD GUM!!!  I remember you!  SCOTTIEEEEEEE!!!  How you doin’?!?!”

“I’m doing great James.  Crazy we get back in touch this way.  While
I’ve got you…you mind giving me some predictions for the Arkansas

“Well, @#$% yeah Scottie, I’ll give you some predictions!”

Ladies and Gentlemen, straight from The Legend himself (mostly)….


*    Colt will find Randy Peschel (Jordan Shipley) for a clutch
*    That big ‘ol End Zone will account for one false start, delay of
game or screw-up in general when the Baconaters are backed up there
*    GIT ‘ER DONE!!!!!
*    That crazy legged Vondrell McGee will get in there and scurry
around for 50+ yards
*    That little Fuzzy dude will too
*    That gunslingin’ McCoy feller will probably throw for a couple
hunerd yards and 2 TD’s
*    I bet that old Cosby feller busts two plays for 40+ yards.  How
old is that dude anyhow?
*    While he’s at it, I bet old Quan rolls up 80 yards receiving too
*    COLT MCCOY!!!  DAD GUM!!!
*    I bet Colty ends up just short of a hunerd yards rushing.  He’s
plum crazy doin’ that.
*    My old Burnet country boy, Joe-Dan Shipley…put him in for 50
yards.  Mark it down.  And a TD.
*    That big ol’ Malcolm receiver feller, man…he’s tall.  I bet he
makes a big snag for 30+ yards
*    How ’bout that mean ol’ Blake Gideon free-safety guy?  He’s
perty sharp.  He’s all over the place, man!  I bet he grabs him a
pick-o-rama and overall we get 2 of ’em.
*    Do I smell bacon?
*    That doggone Longhorn run defense is tough.  Mark ’em down for
less than a hunerd yds rushing and a couple sacks.  Heck, give ’em 3.
*    I betcha them DB’s git picked on the whole time.  Scared,
Scottie…I’m scared.  I hope we keep ’em under a couple hunerd yards
passing.  Under 250 maybe?
*    Wooooweeeeeee!!  I cain’t wait!!!

“James, this is awesome.  I sure appreciate the inputs.  You mind if I
pass a few of these on to some friends?”

“Heck no, Scottie.  Go for it.  We’re gonna beat the ever-livin’
#$%*…outta <mailto:#$%^^%%$@*&^!$$@&&^$##…outta>  them suckers!!!”

“Yessir, Mr. Street, I believe we will.  Been a pleasure talking to you
and I hope you get a hold of the real Scott Palmer.  Take care.”

“Alriiight!  Be good Scottie!!”


…made MY day.

Here they come!

Hey boys, don’t forget to stop by that Fayetteville Wal-Mart for
supplies before you head to Austin!  Say hello to Mr. Happy for me.

TEXAS 48 – The Other White Meat 28

Hook ‘Em,


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