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Fearless Predictions

DE-FENSE [clap, clap] DE-FENSE [clap, clap]. That needs to be our chant
throughout the entire game tomorrow because…the best defense WINS this
one! The Wizard of Odd will have his Crazy Pirate Crew fired up, but
will it be enough?

First, some random observations from last week: It was not a pretty showing. We were plagued with HORRIBLE tackling

that Mack stated allowed 125 extra yards for OSU. Also HORRIBLE return
coverage…for which Mack promised personnel changes. I’d can’t wait to see them. Not to mention that when a team has one of the leading returnguys in the nation…you should not kick it directly to him.


Where was Cody Johnson when we needed to burn the clock? Ogbonnaya has

a new found penchant for East/West running…that’ll get ya beat.

18 completions in a row for Colt was a new school record for consecutive

We held the #3 pass efficiency QB to a paltry 65% completion ratio.

McCoy has 9,232 yards of total offense and is No. 1 at Texas after

passing Vince Young, who had 9,167.

McCoy also broke a record he set by completing 38 passes Saturday. He

held the previous record of 32 completions.

McCoy is the only player in Texas history to produce more than 2,500

yards of total offense in three separate seasons.

In the last three games against then No. 1 Oklahoma, then No. 11
Missouri and then No. 7 Oklahoma State, McCoy completed 95 of 112 passes

(84.8%) for 1,005 yards and five touchdowns.

Wide receiver Jordan Shipley set a school record with his 15 receptions

How Last Week’s Predictions Fared:

OKstate is known as a great rushing team and they have really physical
WR’s who are good run blockers. In fact, they are #1 in the Big XII, #5

in the country in rushing offense, averaging 283 yds per game.

– They are still a good rushing team and those WR’s wore our DB’s out.

Texas “held” them to 217 yds rushing, 2 rushing TD’s.

Texas has the #1 rushing defense in the Big XII, #2 in the country,
averaging 48 yds rushing per game. 1.9 yds/carry and 2 TD’s. So,
something has to give…either our defense or their offense. Anyone

want to place any bets?

– I would say we lost many of the battles, but not the war. If we had
wrapped up on ANY tackles, this would not have been a contest. If Coach

Champ was looking for coaching material…he got a novel for this week.

OSU is also known as a ball control team. They are 4th in country with
an average of 33 mins per game. That is exactly the T.O.P. they had in
the Missouri game and they only put up a whopping 28 pts? But, guess
who is #3 in the country…uh huh, Texas, also at 33 mins per game. SO,

again, something has to give. Bets?
– We got this one. Texas T.O.P. = 33:38, OSU T.O.P. = 26:22

Ok, Ok…Mobilehoma State is known for an attacking defense with an
aggressive rush. So what. They have only eight sacks, which ranks
101st in the country and 11th in the Big 12. Their best effort came two
weeks ago against Missouri where they limited the Tigers to 23 points.
Quarterback Chase Daniel still had enough time to throw for 390 yards,

completing 39 of 52 passes.

– Lots of blitzing, but Colt scalded them several times for it. Only

one sack.

* Watch for more turnovers created by the Texas defense; tipped
balls, stripped balls, picks. I’ll say one fumble caused by a

deliberate strip plus one other INT or fumble.

– Bingo. Earl Thomas had a game changing strip as OSU was driving to

score in the 1st quarter, but this was our only turnover caused.

* Speaking of turnovers, we will have one of our own early in the

game and it will be the first real adversity we’ve faced.

– Not early, but give credit to Colt for 2 consecutive turnovers; our
last possession of the 3rd quarter and our first possession of the 4th

quarter…almost cost us the game.
* Watch for more of Vondrell McGee. I’ll say 60 yds.
– 7 rushes for 32 yds
* Colt will throw for 325 yds, 3 TD’s

– 391 yds, 2 TD’s. How about this; by completing 84% of his passes, his

season average actually increased one percentage point.
* We will show one trick play

– I have died and gone to heaven!! There were actually two: 1) the
Jordan Shipley end-around for 17 yds, and 2) Quan’s pass to Shipley that
resulted in a pass interference penalty. I guess there were actually
three if you count Greg Davis’ ridiculous call to have Colt roll out and
pass when we had a 4th and goal from the 1 foot line. Cody Johnson

powering up the middle? Nope, tricked ya. Sheesh.
* Texas will have 500+ total yds of offense
– Yep…504
* Defense will have 10 QB hurries
– Close…8
* Defense will have 2 sacks
– How about 5! Total loss was 11 yds.
* Defense will have 7 tackles-for-loss
– Bingo…7
* Jordan Shipley goes nuts again. This time…for 100+ yds.

– There has got to be a better word than “nuts”, but yes he
went nuts. How about 15 catches for 168 yds. He was the difference in

the game.

* James Kirkendoll gets jealous that he was left out of the “young

guy” fanfare last week and has 3 catches for 50 yds
– Nope. Only one for 22 yds.

* Dez Bryant will have less than 80 relatively meaningless yards,
1 TD

– Bingo. 6 catches for a meaningless 74 yds. NO TD’s. Special kudos
to Curtis Brown who stepped in for the injured Chykie Brown and was

constantly (mis)matched with Dez. Excellent job Cu. Brown!!

* TE Brandon Pettigrew will lead all Goat-roper receivers with 100

yds receiving, 1 TD
– Yes. Led all Ropers, but with only 83 yds.
* State will have less than 150 yds rushing
– Nope. 217 which is 66 yds below their average.

* ESPN Game Day gets so used to following the Longhorns that Lee

Corso accidentally ends up in Austin tonight
– Pretty sure I saw him at Academy before the game
* Kansas over TTU 56-48
– Nope. Pirates 63 – Bluebirds 21
* ISU over aggy 28-21
– Nope. Aggy 49 – SnoCones 35
* The real OSU over Joe Gran-Pa 35-28
– Nope. 13-6 Paw Paw. Weak. Texas can beat either of these teams.
* LSU over Georgia 48-35
– Nope. Dogs 52 – Tigas 38
I was hoarse…we’re you?
#1 TEXAS 45 – #6 Momma, I’m scared 28
#1 TEXAS 28 – #6 Poked 24
This Week:

Rhythm is the key for the TTU passing attack and Wild Willy Muschamp’s
plan will be to disrupt that rhythm all game. Missouri’s offense was
much the same way: Chase Daniel takes the snap, stands flat-footed and
fires the ball on timing routes. Remember these defensive statistics

vs. Missouri?:

– Texas only really rushed the front 4 again. 8 tackles-for-loss, 2
sacks, 30 yds rushing, 318 yds passing, 1 INT, 9 QB hurries, 6 pass

break ups…31 points

– Mizzou had only two 3 & out possessions all year, but Texas forced 3

outs on FIVE out of Mizzou’s 12 possessions.

Expect more of the same vs. TTU. Also remember that Chase was pretty
mobile…it is an understatement to say that Harrell is NOT. Timing,
time to throw & decision making are the things they depend on to make

their offense work.

Also, Chykie Brown will be in this week. Chykie was responsible for
holding Mizzou’s Jeremy Maclin to 8 catches for 66 meaningless yards.
His backup Curtis Brown held OSU’s Dez Bryant to only 6 catches for 74
meaningless yards. These young dudes are now battle tested and ready
for the last big test of the regular season…much more than can be said
for the entire Pirate Crew. I believe the Texas D is so much more
physical than when we started the season and the Sand Aggy wide
receivers will experience this first hand. We beat them last year by
manning-up tight on the WR’s ALL game. That is a key tomorrow as well.
Also remember; OSU had been sacked 4 times all season then Texas got 5
on them in one game. Graham Harrell has been sacked 3 times all


We had such a poor tackling game last week that I bet we see the best
open field tackling of the season Saturday night. Wrapping up on a
tackle is one of the most basic, simple elements of football that a
kiddo learns the first time they suit up in Pee Wee league football and
that’s about how we looked last week…like Pee Wee tacklers. My bet is

that Coach Champ used that as coaching material…juuuuust a little bit.

On the offensive front; the Horns have faced much more formidable
defenses than TTU. They will not get a pass rush on us. Here are some

NCAA national stats:
Sacks: Texas #2, TTU #25 (Tied with Mizzou, behind #3 Oklahoma)

Tackles for Loss: Texas #20, TTU #105 (Behind Baylor, OSU, Colorado,

Nebraska, K-State & Kansas)
Quotes of the week:
Henry Melton; “We’ve got something brewing for [Graham Harrell]”
Roy Miller; “We’re not Kansas.”

TTU certainly must be beaming over their shiny 63-21 win over the
Jaybirds last week, but let me tell you why they have BIG reasons to

worry about #1 Texas coming to town:

* In the Big XII, TTU has beaten: KSU, Nebraska, aggy, #23
Kansas…all these teams are bad, folks.

* Total offense allowed by TTU defense:

* K-State 296 yds
* Nebraska – 471 yds (TTU had 421 yds)
* Aggy – 306

* KU – 315 yds

* TTU was losing at halftime to the aggy 20-23 before they came
back to win it 43-25.
* TTU avoided a scare from the Hapless Huskers in Lubbock when
they allowed 24 second half points and had to win it in overtime ONLY
because Nebraska QB Joe Ganz threw a pass “away” right into the waiting
arms of a TTU linebacker. TTU had only 16 first downs to NU’s 29. TTU
had only 284 yds passing.
* Kansas, who lost last week to TTU, is bad and I have contended
they were way overrated from the beginning…they are now unranked.
* TTU is the most overrated team in the Top 10…mark it down, the
“Pirate Posers” will lose their next 3 games: Texas, Oklahoma State &
* In the Big XII, Texas has beaten Colorado, #1 Oklahoma, #11
Missouri and #6 Oklahoma State
* Last year we scored a season high 59 pts against TTU. They have

improved on defense, but not enough to make a difference in this game.

The Horns and the Pirates are each at a crossroad in the season, but

with completely different perspectives:

* The Horns know that TTU is the LAST real test of the season, the
last step in the gauntlet that looked so intimidating 4 weeks ago. It’s
the only thing standing between them and another undefeated season. The
last hurdle before their 2nd trip to the National Championship in 4
years…THEY WILL BE READY. They will feel that completion about to
happen and they will be hungry. Make a statement. THIS is your season.
They will leave it all on the field.
* The Pirates know this is the FIRST real test of three in a
row…OSU & OU await. This is the biggest game in the history of TTU
football. A win gives them the Heisman Trophy winner and a contender
for the National Championship. A win validates all the craziness that
is Mike Leach football. They will BE NERVOUS. They will

hyperventilate. They will HEAVE it all on the field.

* Graham Harrell will get pressure early, mid-game & late and he
will get rattled into some bad decision making resulting in some
uncharacteristic incompletions and 1 INT.
* Texas’ defense will have 2 sacks (Tech has allowed only 3 all
* Texas’ defense will have 9 QB hurries
* Texas’ defense will have 8 pass break ups
* Texas’ defense will have 7 tackles-for-loss
* Michael Crabtree will have 80 meaningless receiving yards, 1 TD
* One tooth-rattling hit on a Pirate causes a fumble that we
* The score is within 7 pts at halftime and Texas pulls away in
the second half
* The Bell Ringers will go for it on 4th down 4 times and will
make it twice
* The Pirates will fake a field goal or punt
* Colt will have 300 yds passing, 75 yds rushing, 2 rushing TD’s
* One of the young WR’s will have a career game. I’ll go with
Brandon Collins.
* Jordan Shipley has 75+ yards
* Quan leads all receivers with 85+ yards
* Vondrell & Fozzy both see quality time and one of them busts one
for 20+ yards
* We will have 150+ yards rushing
* ESPN College Game Day crew realizes why it has never before been
and never again will return…to Lubbock, TX
* Farmers 24 – Buffs 28
* OKState 63 – Iowa State 17
* Mobilehoma 77 – Nebraska 21

* Missouri 56 – Baylor 21
#1 TEXAS 52 – Yo-ho, Yo-ho, It’s a Pirates Life for Me! 48
Hook ‘Em,


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