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How ironic that Bill Murray was on the sideline for last Saturday’s game. When I looked at our young DB’s, I couldn’t help thinking about
his movie “What About Bob?”…baby steps. When I looked at the score, I thought about “Groundhog Day”…52-10, again? Or maybe “Caddyshack”? Giddyup…you crazy gopher hunter!

What a great time it was. Anytime you can beat up on the Pickled Pig’s Feet, it’s a good day. In a game that should have ended 59-3, Cody

Johnson provided some energy while Vondrell really never got it going. That’s concerning, but my bet is that we see a steady pounding from Cody
this week against the Buff’s. How good was it to see the pressure from the defense? FINALLY, we will win some games with defense. It was good to see the Horns be able to go out and do what they wanted to do against decent competition. We also rang up too many penalties (7 for 79 yds)…a disproportionate amount of them were on the DB’s including Sr. Ryan (no relation) Palmer.

How Last Week’s Predictions Fared:

– Colt will find Randy Peschel (Jordan Shipley) for a clutch reception

– That big ‘ol End Zone will account for one false start, delay of game
or screw-up in general when the Baconaters are backed up there

– Time expired in a series in the 1st quarter just as the
Arkansas bench called time out to avoid the penalty…squirrels.

– GIT ‘ER DONE!!!!!

– Pork Chops…well done.

– That crazy legged Vondrell McGee will get in there and scurry around
for 50+ yards

– 48 yds

– That little Fuzzy dude will too

– Fuzzy wasn’t very fuzzy was he?


– Don’t you be pickin’ on my Hogs!!

– That gunslingin’ McCoy feller will probably throw for a couple hunerd
yards and 2 TD’s

– 185 yds, 3 passing TD’s

– I bet that old Cosby feller busts two plays for 40+ yards. How old is
that dude anyhow?

– Turned a short pass into a 23 yd gain,

– While he’s at it, I bet old Quan rolls up 80 yards receiving too

– 1 TD, 67 yds


– 20 of 23 passing, no INT’s, 5 TDs total, plus the
“belly-flop” play of the week…Dad gum indeed

– I bet Colty ends up just short of a hunerd yards rushing. He’s plum
crazy doin’ that.

– 84 yards rushing

– My old Burnet country boy, Joe-Dan Shipley…put him in for 50 yards.
Mark it down. And a TD.

– How about 2 TD’s, 83 yds AND A REVERSE!!

– That big ol’ Malcolm receiver feller, man…he’s tall. I bet he makes
a big snag for 30+ yards

– Zilch

– How ’bout that mean ol’ Blake Gideon free-safety guy? He’s perty
sharp. He’s all over the place, man! I bet he grabs him a pick-o-rama
and overall we get 2 of ’em.

– Nope. But, Aaron Williams brought one back 81 yds.

– Do I smell bacon?

– Yep.

– That doggone Longhorn run defense is tough. Mark ’em down for less
than a hunerd yds rushing and a couple sacks. Heck, give ’em 3.

– 7 sacks for (-58) yds, surrendered ELEVEN yards rushing.

– I betcha them DB’s git picked on the whole time. Scared,
Scottie…I’m scared. I hope we keep ’em under a couple hunerd yards
passing. Under 250 maybe?

– 180 passing, 1 INT for a TD

– Wooooweeeeeee!! I cain’t wait!!!

I really feel like this gradual baptism for the young DB’s is a
god-send. Colorado is that “Medium hot” setting just before we rocket
up to “White hot” (OU) and then tone it back down to “Almost white hot”

My bet is that Cody Hawkins comes out passing and makes us stop him
before making a concerted effort to run the ball. Ever heard of
“establishing the pass to set up the run”? Don’t be surprised. Hawkins
is not a super passer, but our secondary is not super at stopping
passes, so this could be a toss-up. Their offensive line is not very
deep and they are young except for 5th year senior Daniel Sanders at
center. If we can continue to improve our pressure from our defensive
front…it could be a very long game for the Buff’s. Should they
sustain an injury to their O-line, we could see a swinging door open.

We will not see a lot of much ballyhooed RB Darrell Scott who toyed with
the Horns as an on-again, off-again recruit last year. Since he is
hobbled with an injury, it appears he will be limited. Instead, Rod
Stewart, errrr 5’6″, 175lb freshman Rodney Stewart (CU’s answer to
Darren Sproles) will get the honors. My bet is he gets hammered a few
times and looks longingly over at Darrell Scott on the bench and sings,
“Some Guys Have All the Luck”.

I expect a very physical game and getting out of there with a win and no
injuries is just what the Dr. ordered.

The television viewing audience will probably wish it were colder in
Boulder. Here’s why:


* Texas will go down 10-0 to start the game and Colt will lead us
back to a tie at halftime
* Colorado will take the lead again at some point in the second
* Touchdown pass from Colt to Shipley to cinch it…Heisman
chatter about Colt increases
* Colt throws for 250 yds, 2 TDs, no INT’s
* Cody Johnson leads all rushers with 100 yds
* Vondrell chips in 50 yds
* Colt rushes for 60 yds…dang it!!
* Quan Cosby leads all receivers with 80 yds and a TD
* Defense tallies 6 sacks total and takes the lead in the nation
for most sacks
* Defense also accounts for 6+ QB hurries
* A Buff’s receiver loses his hat on a hit by one of the DB’s
* This game will be known as “The Game of the Linebacker”.
Muschamp opens it up a little more and Kindle, Bobino & Muckleroy show
up in a big way.
* One of our linebackers gets an INT. My guess…Kindle.
* At the end of the game, Darrell Scott sings “The Eyes of Texas”
with tears in his eyes

TEXAS 35 – Ralphin’ Ralphie 27


* Oklahoma 100 – Baylor 0
* Texas Tech 101 – Kansas State 100
* Rice put up 77 points…that’s eleven touchdowns on North Texas
last week and set the NCAA record for most TD’s for a QB-WR tandem at
* Oklahoma State 56 – Goat Herders 10. By the way:
* The aggy beat the win-less Army Men 21-17. With their
triple-option attack, Army only attempted 5 passes and completed ONE of
them for 4 yds. Army had 65 rushes for 280 yds. I’m not sure I have
ever seen a more unbalanced attack and yet the Farmers only win by 4?
Army had 21 first downs to aTm’s 14. One of the aggy TD’s was a
defensive score and they didn’t register a first down until there was
only 9 minutes left in the first half. Are you serious?!?! The aggy is
bad folks. Really bad. Like “O-fer the conference schedule” bad. They
get hapless Iowa State in Ames, but that late in the season, with 2
dinged up QB’s…will Javorskie Lane be forced to play quarterback? PS
– Baylor WILL beat the aggy this year…AGAIN!!

Hook ‘Em,


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