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Real Estate 101

Hundreds of thousands of listeners have been tuning into the wildly popular Mortgage 1370 Radio program for years now.  The program is a two hour, live, call-in show, airing Sundays from 1 to 3pm on AM 1370. The first half of the show is Mortgage 101, while the second half is Real Estate 101.

Listeners like yourself quickly discover that Mortgage 1370 Radio is certainly not an infomercial, but more of a weekly class on how to avoid mortgage and real estate mistakes; because in this realm, even a small mistake is can turn into a disastrous and costly BIG mistake.

In this format, John and Kevin provide a fun, educational, and entertaining approach, sharing hints, tips, and tricks of the trade. Two of the popular segments of the program include “Be a flipper, not a Flopper,” which covers hints on it flipping, when to do it, when not, hidden, costs, and the unseen, hidden reality behind the so-called reality shows; and, and Crappy Credit Corner,” which counsels and comments on the importance of credit ratings and how to obtain or maintain yours.

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