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Austin’s Hottest MLS Areas

Austin’s hottest areas are still dominated by the “In town” and affordably priced areas. While many areas in the Austin metro have experienced tremendous growth, these are also the areas that had the most excess inventory once credit constraints slowed some of the absorption. The in-town properties however have not had the excess inventory problem. The other main trend that has been making itself know has to do with the fear (and reality) of $4.00 gasoline. Buyers are beginning to put more of a premium on location than they used to. Look for this trend to continue to fuel in-town properties appreciation.

Some of the hottest areas based upon supply and demand include:

#1/10S  #2/N  #3/2N  #4/10N  #5/SE  #6/SWE  #7/NW  #8/2  #9/1N  #10/3E

The in-town areas that seem to be absent from this list including 6,7,8E,4,1B & 1A all generally start out in the mid $300’s and go up. The in-town trend will help all of these areas, however they currently have supply/demand ratios that are cooler. Look for these areas to see some strengthening this summer as we get into the season where families with kids prefer to move.

Kevin Bown
Goodwin Partners Inc.

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