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Home Buying Program for Texas Educators

Great Opportunities to be a homeowner.

Home Buying Programs for Texas Educators
How exciting would it be to own your own home! It may be easier than you think. The Austin/Lake Travis/Highland Lakes areas have very affordable homes available and special loan programs for Teachers make it easy.
Helping teachers in our area to buy a home is made easier by our affiliation with an authorized lender who is a member of the Teacher Loan Program here in Texas. If you are a Teacher in Texas, there are Teacher Loan Programs available just for you.
The program is open to full-time teachers, counselors, librarians, nurses and teacher’s aides employed in a Texas public school, who are eligible first-time homebuyers or have not owned a home in the past three years.
These loans are only available on a first come-first served basis from the Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation through qualified lenders, so contact us today for more information.

Good Neighbor Next Door Program (formerly, Teacher Next Door Program)
This is a government program that offers HUD-acquired, single family homes (including detached homes, condos & townhomes) at 50% of their purchase price. The Teacher much purchase a home in the same school district/jurisdiction in wheich he/she is employed and must reside in the home as their sole residence for at least 3 years. A participating lender can help you navigate this program easily.
Invest in your Future…Invest in your own Home!