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Friday’s Fearless Predictions

Leave it to Texas to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory last week. I had a good friend describe this one as “vying for the biggest swing in emotion and the most painful experience of my sports-watching life.” I would have to agree with that assessment. Painful to watch. Painful to think about the weight that guys like Blake Gideon, Curtis Brown, Earl Thomas, Colt and others are carrying into this game. Fix just one of a multitude of plays/issues and you win the game despite the uninspired play. Stuff like:

· Clock management

· Poor O-line play

· Ogbonnaya’s (and the run game in general) ineffectiveness

· Colt’s decision making

· Poor emotional prep by Mack

· Plain ol’ dropped passes

· Injuries

It’s all a part of the game, but when you fail at all of them at the same time…you deserve to lose. Speaking of losing, the BIG losses for TTU will be Harrell and Crabtree to the pros and Leach to the University of Washington. The Goofy Pirate will leave town as soon as he can pack a moving van and Lubbock will again be a sleepy little town best known for…well…dirt.

And, Will Muschamp will be at UT. That is…the University of Tennessee. My bet is he will be far from a “volunteer” though. He will likely become one of the highest paid head coaches in America. Sorry Mack & Stoopsie.

However, all is not lost for the Horns!! Just watch how things unfold over the next few weeks. You will want to pay close attention to at least the following games:

· OSU at TTU, Nov 8th

· Alabama at LSU, Nov 8th

· Penn State @ Iowa, Nov 8th

· Cal at USC, Nov 8th

· TTU at OU, Nov 22nd

· Michigan State at Penn State, Nov 22nd

· Florida at Florida State, Nov 29th

· OU at OSU, Nov 29th

· SEC Championship game, Dec 6th

The perfect storm has TTU losing to both OSU & OU, then OSU beating OU. We then play Missouri for the Big XII Championship and go to the National Championship to play Florida. And REMEMBER…I have said from the start that NEXT year is our year, but this one can still be a very special year.

How Last Week’s Predictions Fared:

The Horns and the Pirates are each at a crossroad in the season, but with completely different perspectives:

* The Horns know that TTU is the LAST real test of the season, the last step in the gauntlet that looked so intimidating 4 weeks ago. It’s the only thing standing between them and another undefeated season. The last hurdle before their 2nd trip to the National Championship in 4 years…THEY WILL BE READY. They will feel that completion about to happen and they will be hungry. Make a statement. THIS is your season. They will leave it all on the field.

– No, they were not ready. Poor motivation from the coaches, poor preparation, poor clock management, poor execution.

* The Pirates know this is the FIRST real test of three in a row…OSU & OU await. This is the biggest game in the history of TTU football. A win gives them the Heisman Trophy winner and a contender for the National Championship. A win validates all the craziness that is Mike Leach football. They will BE NERVOUS. They will hyperventilate. They will HEAVE it all on the field.

– Yes, they were ready. Heisman front-runner and now the quirky darlings of the media, but still posers. It’s easy to do that for one home game. They will earn my respect if they go 3-0 vs. Texas, OSU & OU. Best of luck, Pirates. My bet is…your dingy sinks.

* Graham Harrell will get pressure early, mid-game & late and he will get rattled into some bad decision making resulting in some uncharacteristic incompletions and 1 INT.

– Pressure yes, rattled no.

* Texas’ defense will have 2 sacks (Tech has allowed only 3 all season)

– Yes, Sergio and Roy each had one for total losses of 25 yds.

* Texas’ defense will have 9 QB hurries

– How about 15? Four each from Sergio & Roy.

* Texas’ defense will have 8 pass break ups

– 7 PBU’s

* Texas’ defense will have 7 tackles-for-loss

– Only 4 for 30 yds

* Michael Crabtree will have 80 meaningless receiving yards, 1 TD

– 127 yds, one very meaningful TD

* One tooth-rattling hit on a Pirate causes a fumble that we recover

– His name is Ser-gi-o

* The score is within 7 pts at halftime and Texas pulls away in the second half

– 22-6 at the half. Weak.

* The Bell Ringers will go for it on 4th down 4 times and will make it twice

– They had zero 4th down tries…didn’t need ‘em.

* The Pirates will fake a field goal or punt

– Didn’t need to

* Colt will have 300 yds passing, 75 yds rushing, 2 rushing TD’s

– 294 yds passing, 16 yds rushing, 2 passing TD’s

* One of the young WR’s will have a career game. I’ll go with Brandon Collins.

– Wow. How about Roy Williams incarnate…Malcolm Williams: 4 catches for 182 yds, 2 TD’s, longest catch was 91 yds.

* Jordan Shipley has 75+ yards

– 6 catches, 42 yds + a gob of drops

* Quan leads all receivers with 85+ yards

– 2 catches for 3 yards + one injury

* Vondrell & Fozzy both see quality time and one of them busts one for 20+ yards

– Yes, but they should have seen this quality time in the 1st half.

– Vondrell: only 8 yds

– Fozzy: 6 carries, 42 yards, busted one for 21 yds.

* We will have 150+ yards rushing

– Hah! 80 yds.

* ESPN College Game Day crew realizes why it has never before been and never again will return…to Lubbock, TX

– Yep. Pretty sure they won’t be back.

* Farmers 24 – Buffs 28

– Farmers 23 – Buffs 17

* OKState 63 – Iowa State 17

– OKState 59 – Iowa State 17

* Mobilehoma 77 – Nebraska 21

– Mobilehoma 62 – Nebraska 28

* Missouri 56 – Baylor 21

– Missouri 31 – Baylor 28

#1 TEXAS 52 – Yo-ho, Yo-ho, It’s a Pirates Life for Me! 48

#4 TEXAS 33 – #2 Plank Walkers 39

This week:

The Bears come in this week with a mindset they have had so many years…Texas is emotionally drained for one reason or another and they are thinking about slipping in and stealing one. Funny. However, you’ve heard me gush about BU’s QB Robert Griffin and now you’ll get to see him first hand. He is really good. Fast, smart and a good arm. Give them a couple years to build a supporting cast and the aggy will have more trouble than they can handle. I do think we will see a huge hangover for the first half of this week’s game. Not only emotionally, but also physically because I believe we will see a bunch of key folks sitting: Orakpo for sure, Quan as well, Ogbonnaya, Chykie, etc. BU honestly think they are going to come in and give us a hard time and because of all this, I think they will…for a little while.

In case you didn’t notice, Mizzou needed a FG with 2:31 left to win the game. Robert Griffin now has 1668 yds & 11 TD’s passing, 587 yds & 10 TD’s rushing. In the Mizzou game, he finished 26 of 35 for 283 yds, 2 TD’s, 1 INT. Total yds: Mizzou 490, BU 438.

In terms of the national race, this is now a beauty contest. We cannot just win. In fact, the wins have to be prettier than wins by Bama, Penn State, OU etc. We absolutely have to come into these games with the mindset of embarrassing our competition. Trouble is…that is very un-Mack-like, so don’t get your hopes up.


* 21 – 17 Texas at the half
* 4 RB’s not named “Ogbonnaya” will see the field
* Texas will FORCE the run game, much to the fans discontent. Hey, broccoli is healthy for you…just hold your nose and swallow it.
* Fozzy & Vondrell will have 60 yds each
* Colt gets back to his efficient self, with less attempts…250 yds, 2 TD’s
* Chiles will be 4 of 6 for 50 yds, 20 yds rushing
* Jordan totals his lowest production of the season….hard to catch the ball from the sidelines.
* Malcolm Williams picks up where he left off…80 yds, 1 TD
* Dan Buckner will also have 30+ yds
* Texas’ defense will have 4 sacks
* Texas’ defense will have 10 QB hurries
* Texas’ defense will have 8 pass break ups
* Texas’ defense will have 6 tackles-for-loss
* We’ll see lots of Aaron Williams, Nolan Brewster & Ben Wells

* OSU 35 – TTU 28
* Alabama 21 – LSU 28
* Penn State 24 – Iowa 14
* Cal 10 – USC 35
* OU 56 – aggy 14

#4 Texas 48 – Soft, cuddly kid toys 20

Hook ‘Em,


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