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Every year, there is a game we all look forward to where the halftime show is more entertaining than the game itself.  That’s right…it’s Rice week!  We always have a “ball” when we play Rice.

Sorry…couldn’t resist.

This week should be a bit of a break before our Bacon Brothers come to town, but it will not be a (rice)cake walk.  I could go on and on about how good Rice QB Chase Clement is and how much of a stud WR Jarett Dillard is but, hey, this is RICE!!!  I believe we are 31-1 against these guys in the last 32 years. Granted, they can score points: The Owls beat SMU 56-27, and Memphis 42-35 to open the season, but they fell to Vanderbilt 38-21 last week.  I believe the Horns will provide a little more pressure on the QB than these other guys.

So let’s talk about the Horns…

The only thing better than moving up in the rankings is moving up without playing a game.  Thanks to one PREDICTION coming true, the Buckeye’s got black-eyed in a game that was never close.  They dropped from #5 to #13 in both polls.  Spank you very much.  USC…the gift that keeps on giving.

Fozzy & Vondrell are a little dinged up, but that’s why it is so good to have several ponies in the stable.  How would you have felt last year if you had heard, “Jamaal Charles has twisted his knee!”?  My bet is that you almost completely blew off the news about Fozzy & Vondrell and that’s because you’re not too worried…neither am I.  We still need a bit more explosiveness out of those guys in order to put up a formidable challenge against OU & Mizzou though.  I believe we will see that tomorrow.  Offense is not our problem.

Our run defense is stiff, but our pass defense is as leaky as a roof in Galveston giving up an average of 401 yds per game.  That ranks 98th in the country (emphasis on “rank”).  The embarrassing stat is that Rice’s pass defense is 96th!!!  Worse than Ri-ice.  I expect to see our young ‘uns shore up a bit and mature a little more.  I hope so, because I expect a bunch of passing from the Owls.

Oh yeah, in case you’ve forgotten; 18 Freshmen have played so far this year.  Nine of them are true freshmen and nine are redshirt freshmen.  This is so un-Mack-like…and I’m thrilled.  I’ve said it before: this year will be good (10-2), but next year has the chance to be very special.  Stay tuned.

How last week’s PREDICTIONS fared:

  • It’s gonna rain in Austin Saturday…but not much.  I’ll go with less than 2 inches.

· Uh, how about 2 drops?

  • College Station faces a hurricane two weeks in a row.  The second one will do more damage…and we’ll all get to watch the storm surge on ABC.  (Miami visits the Cover-all Cavalry for either a 2:30pm or 7:00pm kickoff on Sept 20th…be sure to watch)

· Some stuff got blown around last week in Hicktown thanks to Ike, but this week they’ll get blown OUT by the Canes

  • Ohio State gets embarrassed in So Cal and drops out of the Top 10

· Bingo.  35-3.  OSU now #13 in AP and USA Today polls

  • Florida will struggle with unranked Tennessee and will win

· A week early, but the same prediction.

  • Missouri will slap ~60 pts on Nevada

· Uh huh, 69-17.

  • #10 Wisconsin loses to #21 Fresno State…you heard it here first

· What a game.  I watched every play and FSU should have won this one.  As a result Wisc jumped 2 spots to #8…O-ver-ra-ted.


  • Be sure to keep an eye on #13 KU vs #19 South Fla…this could be a shoot out.

· Oh yeah!  37-34 South Florida.

  • For grins…approach your favorite aggy today and ask, “How about that Jerrod Johnson?”  You’ll get phrases like “savior”, “amazing”, “All-American”…it’s big fun.

· Sure enough, Jerrod has become a write-in candidate for President and Kinky Friedman is his running mate.

And now, straight out of:


    • The Mob will do a parody of the Presidential election at halftime (that was easy)
    • Fozzy breaks one for 30+ yds
    • Vondrell breaks one for 20+ yds
    • Colt will throw 3 TD passes to surpass Major Applewhite as all-time touchdown pass leader with 61 in his career…he’s only a Junior folks.
    • The secondary will get burned a couple times deep, but will stiffen in the red zone and avoid the score
    • Blake Gideon gets his first INT as a Longhorn
    • We’ll have 2 returns (punt or KO) for 40+ yds
    • Quan will have 75+ yds receiving + a TD
    • Kheeston Randall will register his first sack as a Longhorn We will have 3 sacks total
    • We will not surrender a sack
    • 6 wide receivers will have catcheWe will block a punt or PAT
    • Miami 42 – Farmers 17
    • Baylor 38 – Connecticut 17 (Be sure to watch FRIDAY at 7:00 on ESPN)
    • Kansas will put 50+ on Sam Houston State
    • Missouri will put 60+ on Buffalo
    • Tech will put 70+ on UMass

TEXAS 45 – Fried Rice 10

Hook ‘Em,


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