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Buffalo burgers.  That’s what I was craving after watching our sound dispatching of the Mighty Bison last Saturday.  How about Chris Ogbonnaya?  116 receiving yds, 71 yds rushing including a 51 yard crusher that took the life out of CU.

We haven’t had a complete game like that from one of our RB’s in recent memory.  Combined with Cody Johnson, we have a somewhat physical running attack as opposed to the “ballerina with cleats approach” we’ve had with Jamaal Charles.
Texas had a combined 431 yds offense vs. 266 worthless yds for the Buffs…49 yds rushing on 28 carries…an anemic 1.75 yds per carry.  That is championship defense.  We forced four 3-and-out possessions and the secondary looked terrific!!

Our front 4 got pressure and allowed the DB’s to run wild while running very few blitzes.  That is so important.  It was indeed the LB’s most active game yet.  PS – Rodderick Muckleroy is not a nice fellow.

Hey, someone keep an eye on Colorado kicker Aric “Not so” Goodman…he may have had some issues this week after missing 3 field goals.  In fact, I think his performance explains those crazy yellow t-shirts the CU fans had on.  I found a couple different versions in the stands:

The back reads, “Dude, LUCY is your placeholder!”

The back of this one reads, “Doh!  Marge!  Where’s our place kicker?!”

Fun Darrell Scott stats: 2/4/1/1…rushes/yards gained/number of sprained ankles/number of bad recruiting decisions

How Last Week’s Predictions Fared:

  • Texas will go down 10-0 to start the game and Colt will lead us back to a tie at halftime

– First Texas TD at 13:17 in the 1st quarter, second TD with 4:44 left…and they never looked back.

  • Colorado will take the lead again at some point in the second half

– Never a prayer

  • Touchdown pass from Colt to Shipley to cinch it…Heisman chatter about Colt increases

– 16 yd TD catch…in the first quarter.  This week…it’s Heisman yelling!!

  • Colt throws for 250 yds, 2 TDs, no INT’s

– 23 of 30 (77%) for 262 yds…3 of the incompletions were drops, 2 TD’s 2 INT’s (one was clearly his mistake, one was clearly not)

  • Cody Johnson leads all rushers with 100 yds

– Nope, that honor goes to Colt again, uh wait…Chris Ogbonnaya…71 RUSHING YARDS!?!  Holy cow!  A running game?  Not quite yet, but a nice improvement.

  • Vondrell chips in 50 yds

– Nope.  30 yds.

  • Colt rushes for 60 yds…dang it!!

– Nope.  39 yds…better.

  • Quan Cosby leads all receivers with 80 yds and a TD

– Close.  71 yds, but NOT the leader.  Ogbonnaya finished with 116 and a long of 65.  Nice.  Shipley chipped in 47 yds.

  • Defense tallies 6 sacks total and takes the lead in the nation for most sacks

– Only 3 for (-25) yds, but didn’t it seem like 6?!  It makes sense now seeing that there was so little blitzing.  Ryan Palmer did have one solo sack on a CB blitz.  Defense also had 5 deflected passes and 12 pass break-ups.  Cody Hawkins had only a 43% completion ratio.  Horns already lead the nation in sacks per game and still do.

  • Defense also accounts for 6+ QB hurries

– How about 14!!: 3-Miller, 3-Kindle, 5-Orakpo, 1-Norton, 2-Lewis

  • A Buff’s receiver loses his hat on a hit by one of the DB’s

– Didn’t have a chance to.  QB Cody Hawkins was too busy losing his!

  • This game will be known as “The Game of the Linebacker”.  Muschamp opens it up a little more and Kindle, Bobino & Muckleroy show up in a big way.

– To me, the secondary had the most memorable game, but the LB’s had their best game yet.  Muckleroy finished with a team leading 10 total tackles, Kindle added 4 + ½ sack, Norton also had 4 and ½ sack, Bobino had 3

  • One of our linebackers gets an INT.  My guess…Kindle.

– Oh my, the chances were there.  With 5 batted passes and errant throws by Hawkins.  I’m surprised we had zero.

  • At the end of the game, Darrell Scott sings “The Eyes of Texas” with tears in his eyes

– Even better…did you hear The Eyes of Texas singing “Dar-rell Sco-ott”?  Absolutely priceless!

TEXAS 35 – Ralphin’ Ralphie 27

38-14 Horns


  • Oklahoma 100 – Baylor 0

– Sooners 49 -17.  Baylor QB gouged the Sooners for 102 yds rushing (5 yds per carry) and 2 TD’s.

  • Texas Tech 101 – Kansas State 100

– Tech 58 – State 28

  • Rice put up 77 points…that’s eleven touchdowns on North Texas last week and set the NCAA record for most TD’s for a QB-WR tandem at 41.

– I commented to a buddy that Tulsa and Rice could put up 100 points this week…how about 91:  Tulsa 63 – Rice 28

  • Oklahoma State 56 – Goat Herders 10

– Close.  56 – 28 State

This Week:

Mojo, ju-ju, machismo, momentum, intangibles…that’s what Texas/OU is made of.  He who does not lose his swagger is likely the last man standing.  In terms of talent, the two teams are close to a scratch overall.  But, my concern is that, in general, O-who has a fully-baked ready to go team on both sides of the ball. Texas’ young WR’s & DB’s are just now “Brown”ing and getting done in the middle.  In this game, the difference between lightly toasted and singed-beyond-recognition is a slim margin.

This one comes down to errors…whoever makes the fewest wins. Penalties, turnovers, missed tackles, blown assignments…this game hinges on the fundamentals. Speaking of “mentals”, this game also comes down to who is most mentally prepared.  Who wants it more?  Who will be intimidated the least?  Who can roll with adversity?  Who will execute best in the face of hysteria?

This game always seems to produce some super-humans. In the recent past, it has ranged from Stony Clark, Tommie Harris, Peter Gardere and Josh Heupel to a list of dozens.  My vote for Dynamic Duo of the game goes to Colt & Jordan. Shipley had a super-human performance in this game last year and he will repeat. The chemistry and connection those two have is an intangible we must have to win this game.

Injuries; whoever has them early in the game is doomed.  Memories of Cedric Benson still swirl in my head.

Stat of the week:  OU has knocked 4 of the last 5 opposing QB’s out of the game…see an orchestrated trend here?  Folks, Colt is a marked man and if you don’t think knocking him out of the game is a strategy for the OU defense, well, then you should not watch this game…and you should listen to the LSU defense talk about their plan for Tim Tebow this week.  This is a game where diplomacy and politeness have no place.  Bodies will fly, stretchers will come out and dizziness will not be caused by altitude sickness this week.  This is war and only the warriors with the best and most weapons and the most guts will prevail.

Texas will win if:

  • The O-line protects Colt.  Period.  Almost nothing else matters.  It all starts here.
  • The D-line brings crazy pressure all day
  • Colt is able to dissect a so-so OU secondary with his pinpoint accuracy
  • We have zero turnovers or none that are critical
  • We are able to run the ball enough to hold back the onslaught from the OU defense
  • Colt is not pressed into making throwing mistakes
  • We win the battle in the trenches.  Our offensive front has to open holes & the defensive front has to put pressure on Sam Bradford.
  • We have a super-human emerge on offense.  Again, I expect that to be the Colt-Jordan connection.  Will it be Chris O. again this week?  How about Williams, Kirkendall or Quan on the deep ball?

Texas will lose if:

  • Part of our game plan is for Colt to purposefully put this game on his back and win it with a combination of his hands and feet.  If this happens, then I fear he will be knocked out of the game and a blow-out ensues
  • We turn the ball over multiple times.  The more crucial, untimely or early the turnovers, the worse the defeat…think back to Jamaal’s fumble on the goal line last year.  Jeez.
  • We don’t move the ball on the ground
  • OU is up by more than 10 points at any point in the first half
  • Colt gets sacked in the first quarter…it’s just a sign of more to come
  • Our QB’s uniform is dirtier than theirs

The bottom line:

This game is about emotion, fear, intimidation, sudden change, adversity, intangibles…a psychologists dream!  You’ve heard me say many times that I believe a head coach has at least ONE job to do each week and that is to inspire his team, get them emotionally prepared for the game, set the tone for how they react to adversity.  Now, I love Mack, but what would the psyche of our team look like if he turned that duty over to Will Muschamp this Saturday morning as those young DB’s are shaking in their Under Armor a bit?  Let Coach Champ give the pregame speech.  Granted, the speech would contain more grunts and whistles than actual English words and complete sentences would be out of the question, but the guys would be breathing fire when he was done.  He’s got my vote.

How about this quote from Roddrick Muckelroy:

“Coach (Will) Muschamp came in with a new scheme and we all jumped on board.

We can’t lose focus with him because he’s always riled up and he always gets us riled up too.”

Uh huh!  God Bless Will Muschamp…

Whether Will or Mack, I think we will see a more mentally prepared team than in years past.  Whether it is enough to persevere or not will have to be determined between the lines.


  • We suffer one meaningless (no points resulting) turnover

  • We sack Bradford more than they sack Colt
  • Jordan Shipley has 75 yds receiving + 2 TD’s
  • Colt has 200 yds passing, 50 yds rushing, ZERO INT’s and he doesn’t get hurt!!
  • We have a total of 175+ yds rushing…amongst 4 players
  • Quan has one terrific punt or kickoff return that sets up a score and big momentum

  • Colt gets absolutely knocked around, but not knocked out of the game
  • Sergio has a career day

  • We cause one fumble and one INT that turn out to be the difference in the game

  • Bob Stoops and the Gooners lay an egg

  • Will Texas play the #1 team twice in 2 weeks?

TEXAS 28 – Mobilehoma 27


  • KSU Kats 48 – O’Fer the Big XII (aggy) 21
  • TTU 56 – NU 28
  • Florida 35 – LSU 31

Hook ‘Em,


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