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I think Colt was just showing off Saturday. I could have sworn I heard him yelling “Vince who!?” down on the sidelines. I even spotted him trying out a Vince-like dance down there. Wow. I talked last week about a now healthy Colt McCoy being the most complete QB we’ve had in a while and going 28 of 35 for 271 yds plus leading the team in rushing

with 103 yds…that’s pretty complete. Colt and Vince are the only Longhorns who have EVER passed for more than 200 yards and run for more than 100 yards on multiple occasions. Vince did it 5 times and McCoy has done it twice. Colt has also thrown 54 touchdown passes and is third on the Longhorns’ all-time list, trailing only Major Applewhite (60) and Chris Simms (58).


I understand not wanting to”send a message” that the game is over by taking out your starting QB, but coach, when you’re up by 32 points in the 3rd quarter…doesn’t the
scoreboard say that already? By the way; did you see Garrett Gilbert (Future Longhorn Legend) was 14 of 30 for 212 yds in Lake Travis’ defeat of Westlake last night? And he led the team in rushing with 82 yds? Sound familiar? Overall, I thought the Horns’ offense was impressive. 7 TD’s, from 7 players. 8 of 8 in red zone!! How about this one: 31 first downs…best in the Top 25 last week. For perspective, TTU had 30 vs. E. Washington, #1 Georgia had 20 vs. Georgia Southern, and the aggy had 18 in their LOSS to the Arkansas School for the Academically Handicapped. Our TB’s were great…and this week we add Fozzy Whittaker to the mix. Ogbonnaya proved again that he has great hands. Chiles even went 4 of 5 for 49 yds. How about Blaine Irby? Wow. Flashes of David Thomas there. If he learns to pick up his feet when he runs…he might even gain more yards-after-the-catch ; )

However, the McChiles formation was a McFlop. I know they didn’t attempt much from that formation, but the “Q” has got to be a little scarier if it is going to serve its purpose. Charlie Tanner’s injury appears to be only an ankle sprain (great news) though he will not be back for UTEP.

I predicted last week that FAU would slap 14 on us right quick and if not for a snap that sailed over Rusty’s head…there were getting close to doing just that. The defensive front played well with 13 QB hurries,
but zero sacks and that young secondary bent (a lot) but did not break. THAT is what team speed can do…cover your sins. Overall, the defense really tightened up in the second half and should be much more sure of itself from the outset of the UTEP game. I think Blake Gideon is going to be special this year. My only real frustration was CB Ryan Palmer (no relation). He looked horrible. Out of position, jabbering rather
than paying attention to the receiver streaking by him for a score…did I mention no relation? Ryan is a senior and he needs to play that way to help the young bucks back there. I was proud of his tip-drill INT in
the end zone though.

In total, 8 freshmen and 10 redshirt freshmen played Saturday…did I mention you needed to buy a program? By the way, the talent we will have onboard in the next couple years is going to be unreal across the board. I remember the Chris Simms/Cory Redding years of “super star” recruits, but the supporting cast will all be so much better than when those guys were around. The future is very bright…

Now, back to this year. THE AGGY STINKS!! Oh MAN. Arkansas State? USA Today had Ark State listed as #100 in their preseason poll. Poooooooooooooor aggieeeeeeeeees!! Let’s review, shall we? The aggy
surrendered 415 yds, 225 of those were on the ground. In the second half, the aggy produced a whopping 103 yds, 4 first downs and zero points.

I think I know why…

asleep at the wheel?

Bobbing head or bobble head?

Or maybe he’s hearing voices…

At any rate, the goat farmers are on the way to being “Worse-than-Bay-lor”. Last week, Sherman called out his players and in the same breath said “trust me”. He said they had “big eyes”…against Ark St? I hope the cameras are rolling to capture how big their eyes are in front of 98,000 revenge-crazed Horn Fans at Thanksgiving. He wants them to “get in the boat”…heck, I say abandon ship and swim for your lives!! I smell trouble in aggyland. He said it wasn’t about the kicking game and the fact that they missed 2 relatively easy field goals and ended up losing 18-14. I agree, it’s about not scoring enough
touchdowns ; ) To remedy that, he now has his TWO backup QB’s playing WR. Things keep getting goonier in Goonyville.

In fact, congratulations are in order because the aggy has made the ESPN Bottom 10 this week…along with UTEP. Here is what ESPN had to say:

“SDSU, FIU, SMU, UNT and UTEP are reunited on the Bottom 10 block. But our band proudly introduces a new member: It’s time for TAMU to dance its way up to center stage for a solo performance in the highly coveted No. 5 spot. Not only did Texas A&M lose its first home opener in 21 years, but the Aggies lost it 18-14 to Arkansas State. We’re talking about the Red Wolves, not the Razorbacks. Although considering Arkansas’ escape against Western Illinois, the Hogs might have been a more welcome sight in Aggieland. Welcome back to College Station, Mike Sherman.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself. “Highly coveted No. 5 spot”…of
the Bottom 10. Hilarious.


* Colt will have 200+ yds passing and 75+ yds rushing…dang it!
* Colt will connect with Quan or Malcolm Williams on a 40+ yard
* John Chiles will have a rushing score and will be full-time QB
by the end of the 3rd quarter
* John Chiles will have 30+ yds rushing, he will complete 3 passes
and catch 2
* We will have 3 RB’s with at least 50 yds rushing
* Blaine Irby will indeed catch a ball and run afterwards
* We will see the Jordan Shipley reverse
* LOTS of the young WR’s will see the field
* Sergio Kindle will BLOW UP Trevor Vittatoe, UTEP QB, at least
* Brian Orakpo will BLOW UP Trevor Vittatoe, UTEP QB, at least
* Trevor Vittatoe will get up very slowly 10+ times
* Earl Thomas or Blake Gideon will cause a UTEP receiver to lose
his hat


* Baylor 21 – Northwestern State 14
* New Mexico 17 – The aggy 14

And this…cracks me up:

This game is a dial-a-score, but I’m going with:

TEXAS 56 – I Wish I Were a Coal Miner’s Daughter 10

Hook ‘Em,


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  • johnm September 7, 2008, 10:18 AM


    Nice post! You almost had the score right! Your play by play was right on and I can’t wait until next’s weeks predictions!

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